Abrahamitic religions and psychedelics

The other day, Tuesday, May 19, I was on a panel at the Santa Fe bookstore, Collected Works, for the launch of a new edition of the book Zig Zag Zen. This is a multi-contributor book on Buddhism and psychedelics co-edited by Allan Badiner and Alex Grey. I contributed a piece to the first edition of the book in 2002 and it reappears in this edition. The panel was great fun as it featured Allan, Alex, Allyson Grey–three long-standing and dear friends. At the same time, I would have liked to have seen the discussion and subsequent interactions with the Read More …

DMT Soul of Prophecy at The Ark Bookstore – Part 1

First half of a talk I gave at The Ark Bookstore in Santa Fe May 18, 2015, describing my new book, “DMT and the Soul of Prophecy.” In this segment, I provide a brief summary of my research with the endogenous psychedelic substance DMT, my findings, and the need to find a new model consistent with volunteers’ description of the DMT experience.