It’s amazing how quickly this year has gone by. I wish I could say the manuscript for my book on Hebrew Bible prophecy is ready to send off to my publisher. I will never reach the level of familiarity with the Hebrew Bible and its notion of prophecy as I had with DMT and the psychedelic drugs. Thus, my steps towards clearly articulating the background, significance, and findings associated with my exploration of Hebrew Bible prophecy continue taking me in unexpected directions and sometimes blind ends. Nevertheless, I am aiming at a completion date for the manuscript no later than May.

2011 has been a landmark year in several regards. The most gratifying is the success of Mitch Schultz in obtaining a distribution contract for the DMT documentary with Warner Bros, and the resultant great popularity of the film. In addition, the two educational and music events that I attended this last Spring were extremely enjoyable and gave me a chance to gauge the progress of the less formal but more creative elements of the psychedelic movement that escape media attention.

While the year 2012 may be the end of the world as we know it, I am placing my bets on the transition being so seamless as to be unnoticeable and it will seem, for all intents and purposes, that things are continuing in exactly the same manner. That being the case, I hope to see the book published by the Summer. At that point I will most likely organize and/or attend several speaking and book signing events.

Finishing this book, the writing of which has taken over 12 years, and which encompassed the deaths of my mother and stepdaughter, will mark the end of an era. As such, it will give me the opportunity to determine my future direction within the psychedelic/spiritual milieus. This is clearly an instance of not knowing where the next door opens until I firmly shut the one that is in front of me now.

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