DMT [N,N-Dimethyltryptamine] is a powerful psychedelic compound, maybe the most powerful. Its status – legally speaking – is very complex, as DMT is illegal in most countries in its pure form, but at the same time it is legal (in many countries) in its more ‘natural’ form, most of our readers have for sure already heard of the Ayahuasca brew.

Well, as you can understand from these first few lines, we are talking about a very controversial subject. DMT occurs naturally in most living species, animal and vegetal, it is naturally present in the human body where its levels have been speculated to drastically increase in certain – sometimes extreme – situations. The experience of using DMT in one form or another is considered one of the most powerful, life changing experiences one can make.

Some plants naturally contain high quantities of DMT, and they are legal in most countries, they can be purchased usually without any problem. If you happen to eat parts of these plants, though, nothing would happen as your body would digest the DMT they contain, and it would have no effect on your brain. In order to have an effect these plants should be mixed with another natural ingredient, which will prevent the digestion of DMT, as in the case of Ayahuasca. South America shamans have been drinking Ayahuasca for thousands of years, as part of their ceremonies.

What is not legal, in most countries, is to chemically extract the DMT from these plants but Ayahuasca, being a brew, does not require any extraction process and for this reason it is legal in many countries (borderline, but legal).

This long introduction was necessary to present Dr. Rick Strassman, Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine.

Dr. Strassman lead the first and maybe the only official clinical study on DMT, and is considered the most reliable source of information on this psychedelic compound, its effects and side effects. His books and his documentaries have been read and watched worldwide by millions, he is considered an authority on this subject, and his first book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule is a must-read book for anybody interested in subjects like consciousness, psychedelics, other realms, other realities.

Dr. Strassman was kind enough to answer our questions on DMT for this exclusive interview.

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DMT, consciousness, other realms. A conversation with Dr. Rick Strassman

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