DMT and the Soul of Prophecy arrives at online and brick-and-mortar bookstores this month. People are buying copies from online stores as well as my own site and a recent Publishers Weekly review of the manuscript is quite positive. Pre-publication blurbs have also been quite positive, but their being from friends and colleagues didn’t help assuage my anxiety about “real world” reviews. I’m starting to schedule interviews by Skype and telephone and will speak at two events next Spring—one academic and one more popular. For an up-to-date schedule, please keep an eye on the “Public Appearances” page of this site.

I’ve added a new “Food for Thought” entry concerning theological issues that one might find helpful in considering in interpreting a particular aspect of the psychedelic experience—that is, the nature and actions of God. In this case, I address the sense of omnipotence, or unlimited power, that people note when describing their encounter with the divine. I also include thoughts regarding dealing with atheists’ objections to raising the issue of the divine in the psychedelic experience.

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